Clevertronics as a specialist and market leader in Emergency lighting understands the challenges of keeping sites compliant to the standard and has therefore established a support program called Advantage Lifetime Support that is provided at no charge to all Zoneworks XT owners for the lifetime of the system.

Advantage Lifetime Support was designed to ensure that the Zoneworks XT has been properly installed, commissioned and most importantly maintained to ensure it is providing the compliance you require.

The testing and product requirements are outlined in the Australian Standard AS2293-2005 Emergency escape lighting and exit signs for buildings, and compliance with the standard can be a costly exercise especially if the products and operating systems selected regularly fail. Many Emergency Lighting companies finish their involvement on your project once the product has been supplied. However, at Clevertronics we know that ongoing support is important to contractors and building owners.

                                                                             With over 900 Zoneworks sites across Australia and New Zealand, we have a dedicated Advantage lifetime support team to support you.

• System Health check • Manage & reduce costs
• Expert advice for optimising the Zoneworks system • Peace of mind that your site is compliant from the very start
• On-going training • Direct contact with Clevertronics
• Free software upgrades to ensure that your data is accurate • Added support for the maintenance contractor
• Single point of contact • On-site training for the Facilities Manager and the Maintenance Contractor
• On-going system support to help deliver the best outcome using the Zoneworks XT system


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