Clevertronics Car Park and Stairwell lighting range expands


Clevertronics, manufacturer and market leader of Emergency lighting in Australia is excited to announce the new expanded Argonaut range of battens and square luminaires specifically designed for car parks, stairwells, corridors and back of office areas.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Argonaut range of products are designed to assist Facility Managers not only with safety and compliance but to significantly reduce Energy and Maintenance costs.

By collaborating closely with Facility Managers across Australia, it was identified that an LED batten range with proven long-life lithium batteries combined with Hi/Lo occupancy sensors would provide a significant benefit to the operating costs of car parks and stairwells in their facilities. Maintenance and energy costs were increasing with frequent battery and lamp changes as well as soaring electricity prices. With this feedback, the Argonaut range was developed, and it can now provide facilities with a 90% saving on their energy costs and a huge 94% savings on maintenance costs.

Michael Duce, Clevertronics National Systems and Engineering Manager led the development of the Argonaut range and commented ‘We now have a complete range in 2ft and 4ft lengths that covers both the general lighting applications and emergency lighting requirements for car parks and stairwells. The Argonaut range, being part of the market leading LP and L10 Lithium offering, is an industry breakthrough for combined general and emergency lighting because the benefits for facilities are significant – fantastic general lighting performance coupled with lower maintenance and the lowest cost of ownership. Here at Clevertronics, we are always thinking of the future… We never stop …”

argonaut-pro-wb-with-pod-01We asked Corey Gray, Managing Director of LVX Engineers what his thoughts are regarding the Argonaut range and its impact on facilities

“As a firm focused on the total cost of ownership LVX Engineers spends most of our time with Facility Managers working through a critical matrix of imperatives including, Compliance, Risk, Cost, Sustainability & Aesthetics.

LVX business cases must turn on a better than 3-year return on investment, and have a minimum 10-year service life.

For years car parks and stairwells in commercial and industrial applications have been recognised as low hanging fruit from a financial and environmental benefit perspective, but often replacement luminaires could not meet the technical or physical requirements of the existing design, (photometric output, wiring methodology, physical footprint, controls).

Argonaut’s modular product range has addressed these issues and allowed LVX to develop bespoke designs and business cases that support the most detailed and rigorous due diligence of Australia’s largest facility managers and asset owners. From a Total Cost of Ownership, perspective, Argonaut is a game-changer.”

Clevertronics offer a free lighting audit to identify the best Argonaut solution for your facility. Contact us today to organise.

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