CleverSparky App will revolutionise Emergency Lighting

CleverSparky is a compliance management and testing app designed for those who install and manage exit and emergency lighting

Cleversparky app
CleverSparky – Taking emergency lighting to the mobile world


Despite our connected world, the vast majority of new emergency lighting installations continue with manually produced, and paper-based compliance reports. These paper based log books are time-consuming, inefficient, often inaccurate and difficult to access.


To overcome these issues the CleverSparky app brings site management and mandatory testing functions to the mobile world, your accurate site information for emergency lighting will now be available where you want it and when you want it. The beauty of CleverSparky is it can be used with any brand of emergency lighting so you can start using it today and realise the benefits. You will gain even more advantages when using CleverSparky with the Clevertronics Clevertest Plus enabled

You will gain even more advantages when using CleverSparky with the Clevertronics Clevertest Plus enabled range of exit and emergency lighting that is available in all LP and L10 products. Simply point a compatible smart phone at one of these products, and capture detailed testing and luminaire information directly from the fitting. This information will be automatically used to build fault, maintenance and log book reports.

CleverSparky will revolutionise the way you currently manage emergency lighting that is not connected to a monitored system. Throw that log book away and move your emergency lighting into the mobile world.

CleverSparky is available to download from the App store and the web app is live at Android version is expected to be available in September 2017.

The web app interface will allow users to create a team structure, where you can invite and remove other users to access your site information. This is perfect when you have multiple people installing, testing or supporting a particular site. The web app and mobile app are both synchronised so all data is shared across both platforms. The web app is perfect for setting up larger sites and managing the admin aspect.

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