Clevertronics launches the Economy Lithium range


Think Lithium Think Clevertronics


As global pioneers in the lithium battery-powered emergency lighting market, Clevertronics is excited to announce the Launch of the Economy Lithium Range.


Mike Hussey at the Emergency lighting Revolution at the MCG, June 22, 2017

Clevertonics launched the Economy Lithium range in June 2017 at the WACA cricket ground in Perth, with the support from Mike Hussey, Clevertronics brand ambassador and Australian cricket legend. One of the key motivations for Mike in being involved with Clevertronics is that Lithium battery technology contains no toxic heavy metals compared to Nicd, NiMH and Sealed lead acid batteries. Mike is very passionate about the environment and was shocked and concerned to learn of the amount of lead and nickel entering landfill each year. “Even though many batteries are rechargeable today, we still have over 8,000 tonnes entering landfill each year, and when these batteries contain toxic heavy metals like lead and nickel the environmental risks are significant” explained Mike when discussing his decision to partner with Clevertronics in 2014. “As market leader, Clevertronics has been leading the way on Lithium powered Emergency lighting and every product conversion from NiCd or NiMH to lithium is reducing the impact on our environment, and that’s important to me,” commented Mike


The Economy lithium range has been designed to provide the lowest upfront cost at the same price as NiCd and NiMH while providing increased performance and lower maintenance costs.

State Manager for Clevertronics in Victora & Tasmania, Frank Ferrara, says the markets that will benefit from the new Economy Lithium range will be where cost and performance are significant drivers. “This new range will offer contractors in particular, an opportunity to install an economy product at the existing pricing while providing greater longevity and performance compared to other economy products on the market”.

“We now have three ranges of Lithium-powered emergency lighting products to select from with Economy Lithium, LP Premium and L10 Nanophosphate which will assist lighting consultants, contractors and facility managers to select the right product to suit their application requirements,” added Ferrara

The Economy Lithium range is now available across Australia and New Zealand.

Check out information on the LP Premium and L10 Nanophosphate ranges or contact any of our offices for support in selecting the right product