Emergency lighting system support


I’m responsible for a smart emergency lighting system – what are some important things I need to know?


Once a construction or refurbishment has been completed and the defects period is over, the installation team including the builder and installing contractor will move on and leave the ongoing maintenance to a new party. If this is you, you’ll need to know what you’ve got and how to ensure its performance.

Repairs and replacements

In years to come, when the system reports what replacements are required, the availability and backwards compatibility of new fittings and components will be vital. If today’s system is upgraded, it is especially important to ensure the system manufacturer has a history of supporting product into the future. Latest software Speaking of sophisticated reporting, the smart generation of emergency lighting systems can be updated remotely by the manufacturer. Regular firmware updates will ensure your system operates with the latest tools and ensure your system is current.

Training and support

Getting to know the system you’ve inherited can be a challenge if there’s a lack of local support. Leading providers will have free training that accompanies the system – not who bought or designed it. In this way, essential training and information will be proactively delivered to you. Emergency lighting systems must perform when needed so local support is a critical part of the package.

Leading the way

If you’re looking at a Clevertronics system, then you’re in luck because our Advantage Lifetime Support (ALS) programme is an integral part of any Zoneworks XT system regardless of who’s responsible for it. Clevertronics proactively ensures training happens and systems are reliable, current and scalable. We leave the maintenance to you, but help you get the most out of your system with full training and support.

Ask Mike - Emergency Lighting systems support