It’s an EPIC batten

We are excited to announce the launch of the EPIC Indoor LED batten range

The EPIC range was 100% designed and engineered by the Clevertronics team in Australia with the support of local electrical contractors who provided valuable input on each prototype developed.

The contractors highlighted features including – switchable colour and output, mounting template, 25mm knockout, IP40 bug proof diffuser, lightweight, large terminal block, self-locating lanyards, reliability and most importantly they wanted a batten that is easy to install.

After many prototypes and designs, our final approved product has been rated "best in class" by our group of consulting contractors. It was described as the simplest and easiest batten to install on the market (our engineers liked that comment)

As expected, our emergency version contains market-leading Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology, and testing options are available with the LP version.

Below you can see all the features and benefits of the new EPIC Batten range and scanning the QR code reader at the bottom of the page will take you to the installation video.