Meshing in emergency lighting systems

The primary objective of an emergency lighting system is to assess the readiness of the luminaires to perform their intended function.

To ensure luminaires are reliably functioning, emergency lighting systems need to communicate with all devices all the time. Meshing guarantees this communication regardless of the challenges presented by buildings such as changing layouts, obstructions to signals and the human factor introducing risk. The Clevertronics Zoneworks XT platform is a self-healing mesh communication network. This means that if the communication pathway is interrupted, the system will repair itself by finding alternative communication routes via its connected devices.

Unlike direct communication systems, meshing doesn’t require you to revisit systems to re-establish your communications network by conducting repairs or installing additional hardware.

By using existing cabling for both power and communication, Zoneworks XT delivers efficiencies at the design and installation stages. Further time and cost savings are gained through Zoneworks XT’s unattended commissioning feature. You simply upload fitting details into the system and it then commissions everything for you without you needing to be on site. Monthly updates to the Zoneworks XT platform mean even older systems operate with the latest features and capabilities.

New web-based reporting completely overhauls how system data is reported and made useful for maintenance. Factors like efficiency, cost, surety of installation and scalability remain important considerations. Zoneworks XT delivers advantages across all of these without sacrificing commitment to the primary safety objective.

Does your Emergency lighting system mesh?