New 24V Temporary Lighting System

Clevertronics is excited to launch the 24V Temporary Lighting system that includes weatherproof battens and exits.

The 24V Temporary Lighting System allows installing contractors flexibility when installing and moving temporary lighting systems on construction sites.

Egress routes and work areas often change on construction sites and therefore the lighting systems must move with the ever-changing site. This can be expensive and time-consuming when using a conventional 240V lighting system due to the mechanical protection and containment required for the cabling system and fixing of the luminaires. By using a 24V, SELV lighting system, the mechanical protection and containment requirements are significantly easier to achieve resulting in faster installation, removal and relocation – this saves a lot of time and money and improves site safety.

The Clevertronics 24V Temporary lighting system includes:

  • A single 24V DC Power Supply in a Polycarbonate Weatherproof enclosure
  • A twin 24V DC Power Supply in a Steel Weatherproof enclosure
  • 4m, 6m and 8m Cables with 3 and 4 ways splitters
  • Exits (supplied with 1m flex and plug)
  • Weatherproof Battens (General and Emergency Lighting)
  • All Battens have the option of 1m flex and plug (on one end) or flex and plug on both ends to connect to our cabling system.
  • All products are AS/NZS 2293.3 compliant with a 1-hour emergency duration in accordance with AS/NZS3012.

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Clevertronics 24V Temporary Lighting Solution brochure