New Ultrablade Pro Exit

Clevertronics is excited to announce the launch of the new recessed Ultrablade Pro Exit


Featuring an ABS fame and white cover plates with a polycarbonate diffuser, the Ultrablade Pro is the latest in cutting-edge product innovation from Clevertronics.

The Ultrablade Pro has been developed to replace the existing Ultrablade and Architectural blade exits.

Major improvements for the new Ultrablade Pro Include:

  • Easier Installation
  • Scratch resistant and fingerprint free decals
  • Reduced reflection and halo effect on the diffuser
  • Clevertest Plus system compatible with LP and L10 versions at no extra cost

Available now in LP Premium & L10 Nanophosphate with the EL version coming soon

The refined and improved design of the Ultrablade Pro allows for easy installation, providing facility owners with an architectural outcome in one of the most advanced exit signs on the market. A cover plate is available to cover any existing footprint.

Part numbers – LP – CUBPRO and L10 – LUBPRO

For datasheets and product info click here