Emergency lights that test themselves!

The Clevertest Plus range of exit and emergency lighting is designed to provide specifiers, building owners and occupiers with a cost-effective and thorough means of testing emergency and exit lights individually and automatically, in accordance with the mandatory requirements of Australian Standard AS/NZS2293.2 section 3 Inspection and Maintenance Procedures for Single Point Systems.

  • Clevertest luminaires automatically test every six months
  • Test status is available via LED indicator or by using the CleverSparky App to automatically collect results
  • No data cable or central PC required
  • Complies with the requirements as per AS2293

Clevertest Plus emergency luminaires are programmed to perform 90-minute discharge tests at 6 month intervals. This allows maintenance personnel to schedule their visits with the confidence that all luminaires have completed their test and only a quick visual inspection of the Status Indicator is required to determine a pass or fail.

Additional features and benefits of Clevertest Plus emergency luminaires include:

  • All faults identified immediately following the completion of each test
  • Fault identification includes battery, control gear and lamp
  • Eliminate the extra capital cost of installing a computerised testing system.
  • Drastically reduce the on-going cost of attended manual testing.


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