LED Tube Batten

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LED Tube Batten

The LED Tube Batten range provide a selection of Diffuser, Wireguard and Weatherproof options with quality, reliability and performance.

  • Easy installation – A modular fitting with large terminal block allows for fast installation and maintenance
  • Wide body – To cover junction boxes and provides ample space for heat generating components
  • Lamps included – Col. 840 LED Tube included
  • Testing options – Clevertest, DLI and Zoneworks computerised testing available for LP and L10 range

The LED tubes are specifically designed to replace fluro battens, there is no need for wiring modifications.  Clevertronics weatherproof battens feature quality components and a superior finish to provide reliability and performance.  Available in Diffused, Wireguard or Weatherproof, the LED Tube Batten range is available in standard 240V and matching emergency battens.

The Clevertronics batten range has been developed for applications such as basement, car parks, warehouses, fire stairs, commercial public spaces and industrial sites.