Lifelight Pro Emergency

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Lifelight PRO

The Lifelight Pro is an energy efficient, lithium powered LED emergency light in a small and sleek architectural design

The D80 classification of the Lifelight Pro provides an amazing 60% increase in emergency lighting coverage compared to many existing emergency lights on the market. Suitable in a variety of applications the Lifelight Pro will provide outstanding performance and will reduce installation and maintenance costs.

  • Easy to Install – Available as a recessed or surface mount options including box, cylinder and spot.
  • Smaller Head Size – Available in a round 60mm head (comes standard with 95mm adaptor plate) or in square head 60mm x 60mm version
  • Long Life LED – 2 x Energy efficient, long life LEDs with a lifetime warranty on the lamp head
  • Low Power Consumption –  0.4W
  • Lithium Battery Technology – Fitted with Lithium Iron Phosphate or Nanophosphate® batteries lower maintenance costs over NiCd equivalents.
  • Testing Options – LP and L10 ranges have Clevertest Plus as a standard feature. DALI Registered, Zoneworks XT and Zoneworks XT HIVE testing options are also available.