Weatherproof Wall Mount Exit

Weatherproof Jumbo Exit R - 40m 05
Weatherproof Jumbo Exit - 40m 04

Range Options


Weatherproof with a Variety of Viewing Distances

The Weatherproof Wall Mount Exit is ideal for applications that require an IP66/67 rated exit that is available in 24m, 32m and 40m viewing distances. Fitted with 100K hour LEDs and built with a robust polycarbonate base and diffuser it is perfect for applications in warehouses, factories and stadiums.

Features and Benefits

  • AS/NZS 2293.3 compliant
  • Wall mount
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate or Nanophosphate® battery
  • Clevertest Plus System compatible
  • Various viewing distances (24m, 32m, & 40m)