Exit Lights

  • Cleverfit Exit

    A proven industry leader, the Cleverfit Exit is Australia's largest selling Economy Exit light.
  • Cleverfit PRO Exit

    The Cleverfit PRO Exit offers a practical solution in a slimline, architecturally pleasing design making it suitable for most applications.
  • Ultrablade Exit (Economy only)

    The aesthetically pleasing design of the recessed Ultrablade Exit satisfies architectural requirements without sacrificing ease of installation.
  • Ultrablade Pro Exit (New)

    The Ultrablade Pro Exit satisfies architectural requirements and is easy to install and maintain
  • Swingblade Exit

    The Swingblade is a universal blade style Exit that meets architectural requirements without sacrificing ease of installation.
  • Boxlite Exit

    The Boxlite is a conventional style exit for easy retrofitting on existing sites.
  • Weatherproof Exit

    The Weatherproof Exit range is designed for applications where moisture and/or dust is prevalent.
  • Gigantor LED Exit (New)

    The Gigantor Exit caters for 80m viewing distance applications combined with a long service life.
  • Jumbo Exit

    The Jumbo Exit range caters for 40m viewing distance applications.
  • Vandal Resistant Exit (New)

    The Vandal Resistant Exit provides a high IK10 impact resistance.
  • Low Temperature Exit

    The Low Temperature Exit range provide a selection of exits options for applications such as cool rooms and freezers.
  • Temporary Exit

    The Temporary Exit has been designed to assist construction sites meet compliance fast.
  • Theatre Exits

    The Theatre Exit range provides a wide selection of styles where low light level is required.
  • Sound Escape Exit

    The Clevertronics Zoneworks Sound Escape System delivers an engineered solution for evacuation from buildings using visual and sound cues.