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WW360 supermarkets, metro and liquor outlets have over 121,600 emergency lighting assets across 1,668 locations.

Emergency lighting compliance testing is frequently labelled as the "Burden of Compliance," characterised by its time-consuming, costly nature and susceptibility to data integrity issues and associated risks. However, this need not persist as the status quo. In the current landscape, every building and its occupants deserve emergency and exit lighting that fully complies with regulations. Clevertronics remains committed to transforming this vision into a reality. With luminaires capable of up to 12 years of maintenance-free operation and innovative digitised testing and monitoring solutions, the historical burden of compliance is now a thing of the past for all building types.

The problem identified. 

WW360 supermarkets, metro and liquor outlets have over 121,600 emergency lighting assets across 1,668 locations. These assets were manually tested every 6 months per AS2293.2, with results added to an onsite paper logbook. Collecting test results, maintaining logbooks, maintenance records and compliance reporting was manual and inefficient. Due to a lack of central data management, effective decisions could not be made on the health of the emergency lighting assets, forward maintenance planning or budget management.

Reducing the burden through digitisation without cost.

All successful projects require great collaboration and Tasman Asset Management Services (TAMS), with significant expertise in managing emergency lighting compliance, combined with Clevertronics to evaluate the right solution for digitising WW360's emergency lighting assets and testing records. 

WW360 was looking to effectively report on compliance and make informed asset/maintenance lifecycle cost decisions to ensure compliance obligations were met across their large footprint of stores. 

Collaboration produces outcomes. 

After the discovery period, TAMS presented an emergency lighting compliance management and data visualisation proposal to WW360. This proposal would deliver streamlined compliance, asset visualisation, low lifecycle costs and compliance management at no additional cost. The project was delivered by working directly with the TAMS field service technicians with a training plan, support tools and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition. Post-implementation audits provided an important feedback loop for the TAMS team to learn from its experience and continually improve the delivery of emergency and exit light (EEL) testing to the WW360 team.  

Delivering the value.

All 1,668 sites were live and operational in April 2022 with a fully functional system that includes compliance data, fitting replacement, maintenance records and upcoming compliance tests.  

  • More than 3,336 EEL tests are conducted annually at WW360 by TAMS.  
  • A live management dashboard that provides insights into the health of over 121,600 assets.  
  • Technicians now walk the sites and collect results digitally, generating reports instantly.
  • Associated maintenance workflows are triggered automatically.  
  • 100% data integrity, providing a singular source of truth.

The critical role of collaboration.

TAMS led the way in achieving improved outcomes, benefiting from the invaluable expertise from Clevertronics' team of subject matter experts and a robust partnership with WW360.

Furthermore, we identified substantial prospects for enhancing service delivery within EEL Testing. TAMS played a pivotal role by:

  • Proactively partnering with Clevertronics to deliver greater efficiency and value with a clear project scope and criteria. 
  • Formulating a strategy to achieve streamlined compliance, asset visualisation, minimised lifecycle costs, and improved compliance management.
  • Engaging their field service technicians to adopt new systems, testing, and reporting processes.

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