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Clevertronics unique capabilities make installing and upgrading emergency lighting easy

Our Mission

Whether you need design or specification support, specialised luminaire conversion, commissioning support, application advice or just the right product for the job, we have the capabilities here to support and guide you through the process.

'We make emergency lighting easy' because we understand from our customers that designing, installing and maintaining emergency lighting can be challenging if guidance and support are not available. Emergency Lighting is regulated by a variety of standards and codes to ensure buildings and infrastructure are designed with a compliant egress path in the event of power loss. To achieve our mission, our business, products and systems are designed to meet the demands of our customers across all segments and are AS/NZS 2293.3 compliant.

Innovation & Engineering

Our innovation team, including twenty engineers and software developers are continually looking at innovation in technology and design to ensure the products and systems we launch match or exceed the expectations of the market.

Our world-class products and systems are developed by the engineering team based at our Melbourne head office and our engineering department has in-house thermal and photometric test facilities, allowing for the evaluation and testing of products prior to any formal certification.

The performance and longevity of our products is paramount to our ongoing development, and we track this using our long-term testing facility which has ambient and elevated temperature chambers.


Clevertronics has manufacturing operations in both Melbourne and Shanghai. Our Melbourne factory consists of 10,000m2 of manufacturing, engineering and office space that has over 25 manufacturing personnel supporting our project customers.

Our product development engineers work side by side with the manufacturing operations to ensure a fast turnaround time on project fittings and 3rd party conversions with our LP Premium and L10 Nanophosphate ranges.

Our Economy range is manufactured at the Shanghai facility, and strict quality assurance plays a significant role in both operations, which is why product reliability has become synonymous with the Clevertronics brand.

Geographical Coverage

Our offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle, Hobart, Auckland, Christchurch and London have dedicated emergency lighting specialists and warehouses to handle your requirements. 

We understand what each customer requires and ensure our specialist resources are ready to help you when you need it.

Whether you need design or specification support, specialised luminaire conversion, commissioning support, application advice or just the right product for the job, we are here to support you.

Customer Service

As the market leader, each Clevertronics office has dedicated sales and project support staff to handle all local requirements. Each office is structured to provide specific guidance for:

  • Specifiers
  • Lighting Designers
  • Engineers
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Fire Safety Engineers
  • Facility Managers
  • End Users
  • Business Owners
  • Wholesalers


Clevertronics has supported our customers in the process of installing and upgrading emergency and exit lighting in thousands of small, medium and large-sized facilities across Australia and New Zealand. All projects are given the support they require no matter what size.

We are also proud to be installed in many landmark facilities across Australia, New Zealand and the UK including the Sydney Opera House, Marvel Stadium, Melbourne Cricket Ground and Optus Stadium, as well as major hospitals, shopping centres, universities, correctional facilities and high-rise developments.

Product Ranges

Trade Series: Suited to smaller low-cost projects that don’t require automatic or monitored testing with 6+ years battery service life.

LP Premium: Designed to provide maintenance savings on medium to large projects or where automatic monitored testing is required. 8+ years battery service life.

L10 Nanophosphate: Provides the highest level of maintenance savings and longevity on sites or where automatic monitored testing is required. 12+ years battery service life.

Emergency Lighting Systems

Clevertronics leads the market in Emergency lighting systems with options ranging from manual, self-testing and fully automated testing systems. As specialists in Emergency lighting systems we have the know-how and expertise to understand the requirements of each project and recommend the right system.

Our project service team ensures each Zoneworks project is fully commissioned to ensure a smooth handover. Zoneworks XT HIVE is the most advanced and simplest automatic monitoring system in the world with 1000’s sites installed across Australia and New Zealand.

Our CleverTest Plus System combines self-testing fittings with a digital logbook app. All Clevertronics DALI luminaires are all fully compliant with IEC 62386-202.

Lifetime Support

With the Zoneworks XT platform Clevertronics offers complimentary lifetime support through our Lifetime Technical Support (LTS) program. This service is designed to help the building owner & maintenance contractor manage the on-going health of the system.

Many emergency lighting companies finish their involvement on your project once the product has been supplied. However, at Clevertronics we know that on-going support is important to contractors and building owners.

Clevertronics offers lifetime support through our Lifetime Technical Support (LTS) program. This is a free service designed to help the building owner & maintenance contractor manage on-going emergency lighting and associated costs.

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Range Comparison Clevertronics LP Premium Logo Clevertronics L10 Optimum Logo
Maintenance Savings vs. NiCD
Standard Clevertest Plus
Cost of ownership
Battery Life
+8 Years
+12 Years
Option Comparison Clevertronics Clevertest Plus System logo Clevertronics Zoneworks XT Hive logo
Testing Method
Self testing
Remote monitor & test
Lifetime system support
Electronic Reporting & Maintenance Log

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