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There is no doubt when we say - Nothing else competes with Nanophosphate.

It's 10 years ago, and your emergency and exit lighting is about to cost you over $1,000,000 in maintenance over the next 7 years. To be precise, the proposed budget to maintain 2,650 fittings at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia, is a whopping $1,083,000.

Then along comes this Australian-owned emergency lighting company with a proposal that sounds too good to be true. 80% reduction in maintenance costs, twice the battery life of existing technology and a 10-year service design life. What's the catch?

No catch, they reply, we have been testing this product for the last 12 months in controlled elevated temperatures, and the results have exceeded our expectations. We believe this product can revolutionise the future of emergency lighting in the world.

Have you got any case studies? No, this would be the first site, but we can offer you a four-year warranty, the biggest on the market.

So this new L10 Nanophosphate range of lithium emergency and exit lighting will reduce my maintenance costs from $1,080,00 to $178,867 over 7 years? Yes, that is what we have modelled based on the elevated testing and the design parameters of the product range.

The L10 range is the way of the future. I believe the move away from NiCd batteries will be quite swift as building owners and facility managers become aware of the numerous advantages that the L10 product offers.

Well, based on the data you are showing me and the opportunity to save nearly one million dollars, it appears that L10 is the way of the future.

This was the year 2012, and Honeywell, in conjunction with the Marvel Stadium management, decided to install 2,650 L10 Nanophosphate exit and emergency luminaires throughout the 56,000-seat stadium. The L10 fittings were also connected to a fully automated emergency lighting system, Zoneworks. The Zoneworks system not only managed the regular testing of the site every six months but also the intelligence around fitting maintenance and replacement data.

Would L10 Nanophosphate live up to its lofty ambitions of reducing Marvel Stadiums' emergency lighting maintenance costs by 80%?

Michael Duce, head of engineering and product development at Clevertronics, was very optimistic about how well L10 would perform. The long-term testing being conducted gave him even more confidence as time passed due to the outstanding performance of the battery and the entire fitting output. "When we reached the four-year mark of our long-term testing cycle, the battery capacity fade was at 1.5%. The batteries were performing almost the same as they were on day one at an elevated 40-degree temperature. If you compare this to the traditional NiCd batteries we were replacing, they would have already reached the end of life at ambient temperatures."

After 7 years, data intelligence from the Zoneworks monitoring system provided the maintenance and replacement data required. Only forty-two fittings or components had been replaced during this period. The results were indeed in, with the maintenance saving target coming in at 97% over the 7 years. The Clevertronics team was now reassessing the design service life of L10 to reflect the real onsite performance.

Michael Duce commented on the reassessment. "We now had data from sites across Australia with over 500,000 installed fittings, including the 7-year-old Marvel Stadium fittings. We could comfortably use this intelligence to increase our design service life to 12 years and lift our warranty to 6 years."

After 10 years in operation, the L10 Nanophosphate fittings have achieved the following results:

  • Only 70 fittings required replacements or maintenance from the 2,650 installed
  • 97.4% (2,580) of the original fitting are still in service without any maintenance
  • The maintenance savings after 10 years has been an astonishing 95% ($1,026,000)
  • The average battery capacity loss is 5.5%

Based on these outcomes, the warranty for L10 Nanophosphate with a Zoneworks system has increased to 10 years. Importantly, the 10-year warranty is for the entire fitting, including the battery, with no exceptions or exclusions.

Original Fittings Still in Service Without Any Maintenance

Maintenance Savings

Average Battery Capacity Loss

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