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Reducing maintenence costs
and improving testing and compliance

for Education application

The Background

Activate Learning is a forward-thinking education group that aims for far-reaching, progressive change and impact through learning. 

Running multiple education environments across the Oxford area, including the City of Oxford College. Introduced to us by our installing partner Powercor, Activate Learning were looking to improve emergency lighting compliance, energy and maintenance costs. 


The Challenge

Activate Learning self-manage facilities across the various premises they operate and were looking to implement and achieve the following: 

  • A reduction in their emergency lighting maintenance costs 

  • Improve testing and compliance levels for emergency lighting and the associated costs. 

  • Long lifetime and energy-saving luminaires, easy-to-manage testing capabilities and continual regulatory compliance reporting were clear outcomes that the new emergency and exit lighting solution had to cover. 


The Solution

After surveying the buildings during an audit, we understood the current situation. This provided the required baseline data required to build the proposal that matched the needs and expectations of Active Learning. Any proposal evaluates two key areas, the testing and monitoring system and the actual emergency and exit luminaires. 

With extensive experience in the school market, we could identify that the Zoneworks XT HIVE system would be the perfect option.  

Zoneworks XT HIVE is the most advanced emergency lighting system in the world and is also the simplest to operate and manage, making it perfect for schools. 

One single controller is used to wirelessly mesh with up to 1,000 luminaires, so the installation requires no cabling or extra hardware. This reduces the risk of ongoing maintenance or replacement of additional parts and devices.

When selecting emergency and exit luminaires, the most significant decision is the maintenance-free period. This dramatically impacts the ongoing cost of any emergency and exit lighting installation. Performing maintenance (replacing batteries, drivers etc.) is costly and time-consuming and leaves the school with non-compliance during these periods.

Another key consideration is the illuminance performance of the luminaires. Higher specified products will in many cases, allow a greater spacing of emergency luminaires resulting in a lower overall qty of fittings installed.

The decision was to select the L10 Nanophosphate range of luminaires. This covered the long life and energy saving luminare objective from Activate Learning and also reduced the need for ongoing maintenance for 12+ years.

Activate Learning selected the Lifelight Pro recessed and surface mount luminaires for emergency applications and the Ultrablade Pro blades for the exits. 

The Circlite was selected for external applications, which provides guidance to external mustering points outside the building.

The Result

Working in partnership with Powercor, Activate Learning now benefits from a state-of-the-art emergency lighting system. Maintenance costs have been reduced dramatically and regulatory testing and compliance has vastly improved with the addition of the Zoneworks XT HIVE monitoring and testing system.

Moreover, the site now has 12+ years of maintenance-free emergency and exit luminaires installed. This ensures that maintenance cost savings and compliance will be achieved on an ongoing basis. 

Clevertronics also includes ongoing support through our complimentary Lifetime Technical Support (LTS) program. This service is designed to help the building owner & maintenance contractor manage the ongoing health for the life of the system. 


Solutions for every industry application

Clevertronics has extensive experience across many different industries and applications. We specialise in emergency lighting to ensure the best solution is selected.