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L10 Emergency Lighting
and XT HIVE monitoring system

for Hospitality application


Kedron-Wavell is an award-winning, premier function, entertainment & leisure destination that is located in Brisbane.

Kedron-Wavell was fitted a wide range of emergency and exit luminaires installed that had ongoing failures due to the age of fittings & older battery types installed. The club was also about to undergo an upgrade with a striking new "Bravo Bar" to be built on the ground level. Bob Davis from R & H Electrical approached his preferred Electrical Wholesaler, Cetnaj Lighting, Geebung, for advice on the different types of emergency lighting systems on the market.

The overall goal was to offer significant maintenance savings at Kedron-Wavell by having an installation that didn't need constant replacement and repairs.

Mark Biffin, Store Manager at Cetnaj, invited Clevertronics to meet with Bob & Adam Davis - R & H Electrical & Kedron-Wavell Facilities Manager - Peter Szantar, to discuss options that would meet the needs of Kedron-Wavell.


The Challenge

Being a public space, it was important to the client that the best emergency lighting system be installed to allow testing to occur outside of occupied hours & thus not disrupt day-to-day operations.

The existing manual testing system required two technicians onsite at 3:30am to conduct testing every 6 months. Various brands of fittings were installed with ongoing failures, thus resulting in ongoing maintenance & fitting replacement costs for the client.

The club also has a large demographic of elderly members & visitors, so it was critical that the system be compliant & that fittings offered battery longevity to maximise maintenance savings.


The Solution & Result

Clevertronics L10 Zoneworks XT Hive with a 10-year warranty was selected as the preferred emergency lighting solution.

Having conducted an onsite demonstration, the Zoneworks XT Hive system was the best choice for Kedron-Wavell, due to their ability to monitor, test and provide reports remotely or onsite with a simple PC interface. L10 Nanophospate luminaires were chosen due to the fittings' 12+ year service life profile. This will reduce ongoing maintenance costs as well as ensure a fully compliant site.

Another key standout feature that appealed to the club was the ease of upgrading a Zoneworks XT Hive system. This would allow the system to grow with the club as they continue to undergo improvements and site expansions over the years to come.

The new 'Bravo Bar' area was a key new space for the club and they selected the Ultrablade Pro blade exits and black emergency Lifelights to match the architectural style of the bar.

The project has now been commissioned with no concerns from the contractor or end user. Further upgrades will take place for the new gaming area with L10 Nanophosphate fittings very soon.

Local support was a huge contributing factor in the delivery success of the project, with the ability to store items in the local electrical wholesaler warehouse & directly call on it as required.

Kedron-Wavell now has an emergency lighting solution providing 12+ years of maintenance-free operation. The Zoneworks XT HIVE system will test and monitor these fittings every 6 months providing all the compliance reporting in one place.


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