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Complete carpark and fire stair upgrade
for Multi-building application


Mezzo Sydney is a residential development located in the suburb of Glebe, that includes a large underground carpark. The existing fluorescent 2x28W T5 battens that were installed in the carpark were inefficient and the maintenance cost were growing due to the NiCd batteries used in the emergency fittings.

The Building Manager Constantine Ponus called Clevertronics for a solution and QSX worked together with Clevertronics to provide a proposal on upgrading the Standard and Emergency Lighting. The upgrade requirements included LED Weatherproof battens with motion sensors, lithium battery technology and IPART approval.


The Challenge

One of the major challenges the speed of installation required due to the Australian Fire Safety Statement needing to be renewed in 3 weeks and significant maintenance cost were required on the existing system. QSX Project Management and Clevertronics quickly understood the clients requirements and detailed a plan with the correct product selection and installation and testing requirements.


The Solution & Result

The solution was a full carpark and fire stair upgrade using the Argo range of LED battens in standard and emergency versions within the required 3-week time frame. The client required a product that had the same lumen output as the standard 2x28W T5 Batten, and the ARGO product was perfectly suited to provide this lighting outcome. The Clevertronics LED Argo battens ticked all of the boxes and also had the IPART approval to provide savings through the NSW energy credit scheme.

One key criteria was the lithium batteries and Constantine was impressed with the increased service life capabilities of the EL Argo battens compared to the regular maintenance of the NiCd battery. The maintenance savings for this project, which was detailed in the Clevertronics cost savings calculator tool was $141,000 over a seven year period.

Now installed and operating as expected, the energy savings realised from the LED lamps and motion Sensors is 35%. The battens for the carpark were set to turn off after dimming and the driveway dimmed at 10% so there is enough light in the carpark when occupants are arriving or leaving. The emergency Battens from Ni-Cad batteries to Lithium will provide significant maintenance and replacement saving over the seven year timeframe.

For more details on this project or to get a detailed cost savings report for you facility, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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