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Energy and maintenance savings with
meshing monitored system upgrade solution

for a multi-level application


Rydges Sydney Airport features 350 Clevertronics Emergency Lighting fittings originally commissioned in 2013.

Following a meeting of the Australian Institute of Hotel Engineering (AIHE) where changes to FPA legislation and AFSS certification were presented, Disc Electrical and Clevertronics were approached by Rydges to audit the existing Zoneworks Emergency Lighting System and provide recommendations for an upgrade to the latest generation XT HIVE RF technology.


The Challenge

Yi Ding, Chief Engineer at Rydges Sydney Airport contacted Clevertronics and Disc Electrical NSW to arrange an audit of their legacy LW Zoneworks EEL system following a recent AIHE Chapter meeting where changes to FPA legislation and AFSS certification were discussed.

With extensive hospitality experience and expert knowledge of Clevertronics systems, Disc Electrical conducted a full inspection of the building`s EEL operations, providing a list of compliance recommendations.

350 existing legacy Clevertronics Emergency Lighting fittings monitored on the Clevertronics LW Zoneworks platform had been installed and commissioned in early 2013. The most recent discharge test recorded a high number of failures consistent with the age of the fittings and battery technology, as well as degradation of the cable and router backbone.


The Solution & Result

It was recommended by Disc Electrical & Clevertronics to replace fittings with the latest generation XT HIVE RF technology. A benefit of this system is that XT HIVE Exit and Emergency lights use wireless DSM RF meshing technology to communicate with each other, enabling users upgrading a ZW system to easily build a network by replacing fittings incrementally as fittings fail.

An XT HIVE monitored system incremental upgrade has now commenced at Rydges Sydney Airport and is running concurrently with the legacy LW Zoneworks (Hybrid) system. The remaining LW Zoneworks EEL fittings will be run to failure and replaced under the regular maintenance cycle with the latest battery and energy efficient technology.

Existing fluorescent fittings have been also replaced with new HIVE fittings, a benefit of this is HIVE LED sensor fittings provide energy and maintenance savings and are approved for rebates as part of the NSW Energy Savings Scheme. The building now has the latest of LED technology and best battery performance available.

An investment in Clevertronics Zoneworks systems is an investment for life. Every new Zoneworks system allows for seamless upgrades for end user clients, to accommodate refurbishments, tenancy refits, building additions, or simple migration to our latest technology as fittings fail through natural attrition.

Graeme Smith (Clevertronics) -

“XT HIVE progressive upgrades don’t add any significant upfront cost to your emergency lighting maintenance budget as it only requires the small investment of a HIVE controller and server update (if required). As the existing fittings fail and need replacement, XT HIVE compatible fittings are installed as a progressive upgrade throughout the site. This provides for a seamless upgrade pathway and allows our customers to upgrade to the latest battery, LED, and RF technology. Under the Clevertronics Lifetime Technical Support (LTS) all software updates, the Hybrid interface and technical support for the system upgrade is provided by Clevertronics; at no cost to the end customer”.

Yi Ding (Rydges Sydney Airport) -

“Having worked with the team at Disc Electrical on numerous occasions I knew that Trent would provide the best solution for us and the hotel. With hospitality doing it very tough during this pandemic it is a great feature knowing the upgrade can be done over a time without affecting certification and safety of staff and guests.

Trent Cumines (Disc Electrical) -

“Having replaced and commissioned the first 100 XT HIVE fittings in no time we feel at ease knowing the remainder of the fittings can be replaced by our qualified technicians easily”. “Having one database that runs both systems is also a huge benefit, there is no need to move back and forth between programs, replacement of LW to HIVE is less than 3 clicks”.

Find Out More

Rydges Sydney Airport is another project delivered by the team at Disc Electrical NSW and Clevertronics. Are you interested in understanding more about an upgrade at your site? Contact Clevertronics for a site audit, demonstration, and cost analysis report.


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