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Reducing maintenance costs & improving compliance
for Education application


School tests are easy for Clevertest Plus

St. Mary’s School is the home to 220+ pupils in Shawbury, Shropshire. Educating ages between 3 and 11, the school aims to make its pupils feel secure and comfortable and that they offer a happy and safe learning environment.

To keep within their principles and values, the school always tries to maintain an excellent and sustainable infrastructure, testing and investing where necessary to keep up to date with health and safety and compliance regulations.


The Challenge

During a routine test of the emergency lighting system at the school, nearly half of the fittings did not meet the requirements and failed a test, mainly in the exterior environment of the premises.

The majority of the St. Mary’s building already had combined emergency light fittings and PSG Shropshire County Council expressed their desire to change to standalone fittings -fitted with the longest life batteries so that maintenance could be kept to a minimum, giving the school and the council the greatest cost savings.

Nathan Davies, Senior Electrical Engineer at PSG Shropshire Council said “As with many of the properties we facilitate and manage we want to upgrade as many systems as possible to be compliant, sustainable and easy to manage and St Mary’s School was another example where we can embed the latest technologies on the market to overcome these challenges”.


The Solution & Result

Like many of our school projects, we worked directly with all partners involved in the project to make sure that the school received the right solution for their needs.

To the right, you will see the Life Saving System that was specifically put together for St. Mary’s school consisting of both indoor and outdoor light fittings. The Ultrablade Pro was chosen as it has a reduced reflection and halo effect on the diffuser and a decal that is scratch and fingerprint resistant – which is perfect for a school or educational environment where high traffic and potential ‘low flying objects’ can happen every day in corridors or classrooms.

To aid the general guidance of occupants throughout the school should an emergency happen, a package of Bulklite, Bunkalite and Lifelight were chosen and Clevertest Plus enabled in the areas that were having problems. By using the Clevertest Plus system the school can automatically test and manage their site more effectively and can now also produce compliance reporting as and when the school needs it.

To help with the sustainability and efficiency challenge, as many fittings as possible were fitted with Clevertroincs L10 Lithium Nanophosphate battery range. This gives the school and it’s maintenance team an the lowest total ownership cost, 50% longer battery life vs any other lithium product, 60% maintenance savings vs any other lithium product, an unrivalled 6 year warranty on everything, including the battery and a 12 year + design life.

Nathan Davies concludes, “The Clevertronics solutions, products and team are proving to be exactly what we need with many of our projects. I’m using Clevertronics more and more as they have the longest and best batteries on the market, and I can use their testing systems to future proof for new phases and developments of work when they arise.”

A bit more about Clevertest Plus

The Clevertest Plus (CTP) system is designed to provide building owners and electrical contractors with a cost-effective and thorough means of managing emergency lighting. The connected world is here, but the majority of new installs continue with manually tested fittings and paper-based compliance reports which are time-consuming, inefficient, often inaccurate and difficult to access.

Features and benefits of the Clevertest Plus System:

• Fittings automatically test every month

• Manage multiple building sites within ONE account

• Does not require a test switch at the switchboard

• No need for a data cable, wireless connection or centralised PC

• Complies with BS5266-8 & BS EN 62034 automatic testing requirements

• Compliance reporting available instantly on phone or Web portal

• No need for any paper-based logbook

• Order replacement parts or products on the App using fault reports

• Provides an accurate diagnosis of lamp, battery or control gear for each faulty fitting


Solutions for every industry application

Clevertronics has extensive experience across many different industries and applications. We specialise in emergency lighting to ensure the best solution is selected.