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Dynamic signage installation
to improve egress paths

for Healthcare application


Uniting Aldersgate is a comforting aged care home in Lilyfield, in the heart of Sydney’s vibrant inner west.

GHD was appointed by Stephen Edwards Constructions to undertake a fire engineering assessment for this home and appointed Clevertronics to deliver Emergency Lighting with CleverEVAC Dynamic Signage.


The Challenge

An edge-case scenario had arisen regarding the location and usage of an external fire egress stairway due to the site constraints. The external stairs could become unsafe during particular fire scenarios involving the underground carpark and/or the bedrooms and rooms near the egress. A solution was needed to assist in directing building occupants to an alternative exit.


The Solution & Result

GHD had developed a Fire Engineering Performance Solution design which utilised the functionality of the CleverEVAC exit signage system.

In the scenario where a fire event occurred in the immediate vicinity of the stairwell, the Dynamic Signage helps to guide staff and residents towards an alternative exit, away from the affected stair, using both positive and negative reinforcement.

This was achieved using a combination of Dynamic RED X and Dynamic GREEN signage, as shown on the next page.

The research on dynamic signage carried out by the Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG) at the University of Greenwich, UK, was a contributing factor to the choice made by GHD engineers to include Dynamic EXIT signage to support the egress solution.

The outcome of the solution was a successful application, installation and commissioning of the CleverEVAC Dynamic EXIT signage solution. It had mitigated the need to undertake additional design and remedial works which would have been required to address the edge-case scenario.


Solutions for every industry application

Clevertronics has extensive experience across many different industries and applications. We specialise in emergency lighting to ensure the best solution is selected.