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CleverEVAC provides increased visual and audio
in Multi-level application

The Background

Zurich Tower is a 29-story building that was purpose-built in North Sydney for Zurich's Australian and New Zealand operations. It includes 20,600sqm of office space, a two-level podium, café space, sky terrace and three basement car parking levels with end-of-trip facilities.


The Challenge

The discharge of a stairwell from the three basement level carparks, to an area on Level 0 just outside the stairwell presented a safety concern. If a fire occurred at the nearby MRV turntable, and this stairwell was taken the occupants would discharge into the fire affected area. With an alternate stairway available, visible directional signage was required to ensure that they safely discharged to another level that was not impacted.


The Solution

Clevertronics worked with Goldline Industries and AECOM fire safety and electrical engineers to develop a solution.

In order to mitigate the risk of an occupant using the affected fire stair, CleverEVAC dynamic exit signage was instructed to be used throughout the three carpark basement levels.  A combination of negative enforcement (RED X) notifying occupants not to use the affected stairwell, and additionally, positive enforcement notifying occupants to use the alternate exit stair by way of increasing exit sign visibility with bright sequencing greed LEDs (Dynamic GREEN) within the exit signs that led to the alternate stairwell. Finally, SoundEscape was added at the door at the alternate exit stair, to further emphasise the safest exit point by using audio cues to complement the visual aspect.

To ensure the CleverEVAC signage solution was regularly tested and working as expected, it was easily integrated into the Zoneworks emergency and exit lighting monitoring system. The Zoneworks system was already in place to monitor the exit and emergency luminaires throughout the entire building. 


The Result

The CleverEVAC solution as approved by AECOM and installed by Goldline Industries is now operating as prescribed. The emergency and exit lighting including CleverEVAC across the site will be monitored through the Zoneworks automatic testing system.

Solutions for every industry application

Clevertronics has extensive experience across many different industries and applications. We specialise in emergency lighting to ensure the best solution is selected.