What is DALI?

Digital Addressable Lighting Interface or more widely known as DALI is an open data and communication protocol that is defined under the IEC 62386 international standard.

Part 202 of the standard specifies a protocol and test procedures for the control by digital signals of electronic control gear for use on a.c. or d.c. supplies, associated with self-contained emergency lighting. Clevertronics DALI luminaires are all fully compliant with IEC 62386-202 and are registered on the DIIA product database. 

Clevertronics are also proud associate members of the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) which is an open, global consortium of lighting companies that aims to grow the market for lighting-control solutions based on Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) technology.


DALI Integration

By integrating emergency luminaires with the DALI lighting control system the same wiring and networking infrastructure can be utilised to monitor and test the emergency and exit luminaires. The DALI standard enables dimmable ballasts, emergency fittings and controllers from various manufacturers to be used in a single control system providing a flexible digital lighting system for designers, installers, facility managers and end-users.  The DALI lighting control system and the software module for the emergency lighting is supplied by the lighting control system provider.  Commissioning and addressing of the luminaires including the emergency lighting is also carried out by the lighting control system provider or systems integrator.


Clevertronics and DALI

Each DALI emergency and exit luminaire incorporates a DALI plugin node module making the replacement of fittings simple without the need to re-address the new fitting*. All Clevertronics DALI emergency and exit luminaires can be supplied with industry standard leads and connectors making installation to structured cabling quick and simple.



Clevertronics support

Product and application support is always available for installers and integrators using Clevertronics DALI luminaires on a project. With dedicated project services and engineering teams based around Australia and New Zealand, we provide a high level of support for all projects and can provide technical advice, remote or on-site assistance at Clevertronics discretion.


DALI product range

Our extensive LP Premium and L10 Nanophosphate ranges are available as DALI Registered luminaires including Emergency, Exit and Battens.