The lowest cost emergency lighting system on the market


The Clevertest Plus (CTP) system is designed to provide building owners and electrical contractors with a cost-effective and thorough means of managing emergency lighting. The CTP System will provide more accurate testing by ensuring no fittings are missed during a test event.


Despite our connected world, the vast majority of new installs continue with manually tested fittings and paper-based compliance reports which are time-consuming, inefficient, often inaccurate and difficult to access.

To overcome these issues, the Clevertest Plus System brings automatic testing, site management and compliance reporting to the mobile world; your accurate site information will now be available where you want it and when you want it.


” Improve compliance and reduce costs “


Features and benefits of the Clevertest Plus System

  • Fittings automatically test every six months
  • Does not require a test switch at the switchboard
  • No need for a data cable, wireless connection or centralised PC
  • Complies with AS2293.2 automatic testing requirements
  • Compliance reporting available instantly on phone or Web portal
  • No need for any paper-based log book
  • Order replacement parts or products on the App using fault reports
  • Provides an accurate diagnosis of lamp, battery or control gear for each faulty fitting
  • Manage compliance with ease and save money at the same time



             How it works



             What do I need for the CTP system?




Clevertest Plus System Brochure

The CTP brochure outlines the system benefits and how it works


Clevertest Plus Fitting_Quick guide

Provides information on how to activate CTP, put fittings into a test and how to read the status LED


Clevertrest Plus System_Operation Guide

Provides the required information to set up the system in a variety of different scenarios.